Supporting our community

Supporting our community - Team Vista

Team Vista is a not-for-profit organisation operating out of Adelaide, Melbourne and Moshi, Tanzania. Its main focus is to assist a poverty stricken community in Moshi, Tanzania. Caroline Mosha of WGA is one of the directors and founders of the organisation.

Team Vista has eight projects in a slum community on the outskirts of Moshi and one local Australian project. The Kaloleni community surrounds a rubbish dump and houses some of the poorest people in the Kilimanjaro region.  Team Vista has been working in the community for over 8 years providing health care and education to over 300 children, with a particular emphasis on supporting young girls.

Since 2012 WGA has been supporting Team Vista by sponsoring one to two staff members each year to travel to Tanzania to work as volunteers on the projects for one month. Airfares and expenses are covered by WGA, as well as half pay for the duration and $500 spending money. WGA also subsidises Caroline’s trips twice a year. WGA is proud to support such an inspirational not-for-profit organisation. For more information on team vista visit