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WGA’s geotechnical team has over 90 years of combined experience undertaking geotechnical investigations and design. Our geotechnical services have been used on projects such as multi-storey buildings, industrial and commercial facilities, infrastructure projects, maritime projects, wind farms, water storage, distribution facilities and pavements.

Our team has extensive experience in the following areas of the Geotechnical service:

  • Geotechnical investigations, ground characterisations & geotechnical analyses
  • Foundation design for commercial, industrial & maritime structures
  • Design & construction of piled foundations
  • Footing systems on expansive or collapsing soils
  • Retaining walls
  • Wind farm developments including turbine footings, access roads & hardstands
  • Stability & settlement of structures on soft ground
  • Deep excavations & retention systems
  • Pavement design
  • Earthworks for civil engineering projects
  • Temporary works including excavations & slope stability
  • Ground improvement techniques