WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Structural Image


WGA’s structural team boasts a dynamic and experienced group of structural engineers, drafters and other specialists who can lead projects in their own right or form part of a larger multi-disciplinary design team to deliver projects across many sectors.

Our team has extensive experience in the following areas of the Structural service:

  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Sporting and recreational facilities
  • Industrial, process and manufacturing facilities
  • Maritime structures
  • Bridges
  • Temporary works
  • Dilapidation surveying
  • Due diligence assessment
  • Post disaster search and rescue investigations
  • Accident and failure investigations
  • Towers and masts
  • Earthquake assessment and strengthening
  • Materials handling, silos, bins and hoppers
  • Crane structures
  • Structural condition assessments, remediation, repairs and strengthening
  • Support of vibrating machinery
  • Wind turbine foundations
  • Fatigue assessment and design
  • Geotechnical investigations, modelling and reporting
  • Finite element analysis
  • Structural dynamics
  • Heritage engineering
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)