WGA has extensive residential project experience that ranges from apartments, hotels and student accommodation, to bespoke residential homes. We have a successful track record in the design of high and medium density, multi-level residential apartment buildings throughout Australia. Our multi-disciplinary engineering service offering, which includes geotechnical, civil, traffic and structural engineering, provides the client with an integrated design approach and tailored engineering solutions early in the design process that assist in expediting development approvals.

We have extensive experience in the design and construction administration of all structural engineering aspects associated with tall towers including wind load and earthquake design as well as the design specification of mass dampers to mitigate building sway. In tall towers, maximising the number of storeys by minimising floor-to-floor heights can make a significant difference towards project feasibility when considering net lettable floor areas and project yield. 

We have experience with the design of alternative structural systems including structural steel framed, reinforced concrete framed and timber framed construction.  This includes concealing structures within dividing walls where appropriate.

Maximising off-site fabrication and modularisation is often a major factor in reducing construction time by minimising floor-to-floor cycle times. Project feasibility for multi-storey residential construction is linked to yield and holding costs, and our understanding of is of great benefit to clients and develops when assessing project viability.


Our team has extensive experience in the following areas of the Residential sector:

  • Multi-storey tall towers
  • Multi-purpose building design
  • Alternative structural systems
  • Geotechnical engineering services
  • Footing systems
  • Proprietary Flooring Systems
  • Bespoke Residential Homes
  • Pre-Fabricated Construction
  • Temporary Works Engineering
  • Facilitating Development Plan Approval
  • Earthquake design
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