Defence & Security


The Department of Defence is the largest property and facilities owner in Australia, and works with companies such as WGA to manage, develop and maintain the estate necessary to defend Australia and its national interests.

WGA has a strong focus on delivering infrastructure projects for Defence and Defence industry, with experience across a range of procurement and delivery types unique to Defence.

WGA is a member of the current Defence Instructure Panel for Infrastructure Engineering Assessment services. Security of our people and resources is important not only at a national level but also at a local level. Both the public and private sector have a vested interest in keeping people, equipment and information safe. We have people with the requisite skills and experience to advise on processes, policies, procedures, facilities and infrastructure aimed at keeping people safe at work or play.

Our team has extensive experience in the following areas of the Defence & Security sector:

  • Specialised defence facilities
  • Project management and contract administration
  • Sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF Allied specialist design)
  • Airfield and heavy vehicle pavement design
  • Accommodation
  • Heritage design
  • Capability development planning and analysis
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Infrastructure engineering assessments
  • Holistic design of security systems
  • Specialised interview facilities
  • Design of cells/docks which meet required standards
  • Firearms loading/unloading/storage
  • Specialised training facilities
  • Officer security
Defence & Security Defence Infrastructure Panel - Infrastructure Engineering Assessment Discipline
Ports & Marine, Defence & Security BAE Williamstown Wharf
Defence & Security AIR7000 Phase 2B
Defence & Security Patrol Boat Cradles
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