Data Analytics


Complementing our broader capabilities our integrated team of engineers, data analysts, computer scientists and mathematics specialists work collaboratively to provide our clients with robust data to make informed engineering decisions. Supported by strong industry knowledge and advanced data analytics, our solutions focused team currently work within the Resources, Ports and Marine, Transport, Water and Space sectors. 

Why us

Our engineers and data scientists bring a unique understanding of engineering complexities, enabling our team to deliver the best solutions. Our continuous improvement approach to technology development keeps us at the forefront of data analysis innovation, distinguishing WGA as a trusted advisor on data systems and tool selection. 

We apply advanced data analytics methods to optimise industrial processes, digitisation, automation and secure cloud storage.

Our Data Analytics Software
  • Data Science: Statistical analysis, machine learning, image recognition, optimisation, engineering simulation, process simulation and techno-economic models
  • Data Engineering: Automation of data workflows to reduce risk, cloud development for secure and accessible storage
  • Data Storeytelling: Insightful visualisations anf online dashboards
  • Project Management: Collaborative, agile approach to delivering client focused solutions, scoping workshops to engage stakeholders and de risk projects
Modelling Software Integration
  • strand7, Pipe Flow, Metsim, SysCAD, CITECT, Hysys
Data Architecture
  • Python, R, Matlab, Java, Fortran, VBA, VB .NET, C\C++, LaTeX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Swift
  • KNIME, Jupyter Notebook, RStudio,
  • Databricks, Azure Data Storage, MS SQL, MySQL, noSQL
Data Visualisations and Dashboards
  • PowerBI, Grafana, and Tableau
  • Heatmaps, contour plots, 3D plots, interactive plots and AutoCAD
Resources Automated Quality Checks
Resources Geometallurgy Team - Complex copper uranium deposit
Resources Heap Leach
Resources Downhole Geophysics
Resources Database To Dashboard