Data Analytics


Complementing our broader capabilities in Process Engineering and Minerals, our team of chemical engineering, metallurgy, data analytics and mathematics specialists work collaboratively to provide our clients with robust data to make informed metallurgical and engineering decisions.

Why us

We apply advanced data analytics methods to mineral leaching, flotation, and metal recovery utilising bench, pilot and full-scale plant data sets to optimise the flowsheet. These optimisations provide input to trade-off studies, integration of unit operations and delivering previously untapped data to the process design criteria.

Our Minerals Experience
  • Process technology development from concept through lab scale
  • Evaluation of lab data applied to design of pilot plants
  • Pilot plant operation and real time data evaluation
  • Evaluation of pilot plant data to develop full scale engineering deliverables
  • Front end engineering, feasibility, and trade-off studies
  • Plant commissioning and operation
  • Experience in conventional and In-situ Recovery (ISR) mining operations
Our Data Analytics Experience
  • Data analysis, process optimisation and incremental improvements
  • Metallurgical accounting
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Kinetic models
  • Statistical analysis
  • Flowsheet modelling including mass balances and trade-off studies
  • Incremental process improvement using statistical analysis, including JMP and SPC
  • Advanced mathematical solutions, system identification algorithm, Fourier analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Mixed-integer programming,
  • Predictive modelling using machine learning
  • Linear and logistic regression random forest, XGBoost, and artificial neural network, K-means clustering, Markov chain and Hidden Markov model
Process modelling software
  • Hysys, Pipe Flow, Metsim, SysCAD, CITECT
Data Architecture
  • Python, R, Matlab, Java, Fortran, VBA, VB .NET, C\C++, LaTeX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Swift
  • KNIME, Jupyter Notebook, RStudio,
  • Databricks, Azure Data Storage, MS SQL, MySQL, noSQL
Data visualisations and Dashboards
  • Heatmaps, contour plots, 3D plots, interactive plots and AutoCAD
  • Grafana, Power BI and Tableau
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