Temporary Works


WGA’s temporary works design expertise covers buildings, construction infrastructure projects and demolition and dismantling. Our unique blend of mechanical, maritime and structural engineering resources, combined with our heavy lifting experience ensures our solutions are cost-effective and practical. 

Our team has extensive experience in the following areas of the Temporary Works service:

  • Constructability Studies and Reviews
  • Construction Bid Assistance
  • Temporary Construction Facilities
  • Cofferdams and Temporary Retaining Structures
  • Foundations and Piling
  • Special Purpose Machines including Launching Systems
  • Barge Work
  • Mothballing, Demolition and Dismantling Plans and Studies
  • Construction and Demolition Sequence Analysis
  • Scaffolding and Staging Design Reviews
  • Marine Construction Engineering
  • Piling and Sheet Piling Frames and Platforms
  • Failure Analysis
  • Rigging Solutions and Lift Studies
  • Ground Investigation and Preparation
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