ACH Group Computer Donation


Digital technology is a vital tool for many of us, but for those who are not ‘digital natives’, getting started can be daunting. We’ve donated several drafting computers to ACH Group, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creating good lives for older people to thrive. The recycled computers will be installed at Community Centres across ACH Group’s retirement living sites and will be used to help train people looking to brush up their skills and make the most of digital technology, which provides a gateway to learning opportunities and to stay connected to the community.

WGA has worked closely with ACH Group over the past decade, most recently on ViTA at Healthia, ACH Group’s new health and wellness precinct in the City of Playford. Pictured is WGA IT support officer Andrew Lelos and Junior IT support officer James van der Jeugd delivering the computers to ACH Group.

WGA News: ACH Group Computer Donation Article Image
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