Simon McCarthy prefabAUS presentation "When will offsite construction be right for my development project"

WGA senior structural engineer Simon McCarthy recently presented “When will offsite construction be right for my development project” at the PrefabAUS Breakfast Seminar. Simon encouraged developers to embrace the technique sooner rather than later and commented on how the stigma of standardisation leading to a lack of customisation is outdated. Simon highlighted the importance of engaging a structural engineer at the beginning of the design process, to ensure an efficient frame can be developed in close collaboration with the architect and builder.

Offsite construction provides many benefits including time savings on construction, early return on investment and consistently high quality due to construction being done inside a factory away from the elements.

WGA is currently involved in the design of a number of Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) modular projects. These projects include three storey classrooms for an inner city primary school, a three storey apartment building, a two storey correctional facility and a two storey showroom for a residential village.

WGA News: Simon McCarthy prefabAUS presentation
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