$1B Whyalla Transformation

WGA’s industrial team will have a major involvement in the Liberty Primary Steel Transformation project at the Whyalla Steelworks. The project has an overall value in excess of $1b. The transformation will reinvigorate Whyalla and diversify the city’s economy, securing some 2,500 jobs.

WGA, in a joint venture with Hatch, has been awarded the project engineering design which is anticipated to run for at least five years. Services include civil, structural, electrical & controls, engineering management of the steelmaking area upgrades, together with geotechnical investigations, advice and reporting.

In addition to the Transformation project, we continue to provide engineering services to the Sustaining Capital projects across the steelworks and mining areas. WGA has been involved in the Whyalla Steelworks for 30 years, having established a permanent office there over 25 years ago.

WGA News: $1B Whyalla Transformation Article Image
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