Designing Australia's Clean Energy

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Designing Australia's Clean Energy

As global shifts towards reliable and clean electricity continue, wind power has increasingly become a significant part of the energy industry. WGA is currently involved in several windfarm projects across Australia with several more on the horizon as the industry continues to grow.

Of particular interest is the Granville Harbour windfarm in Tasmania, due to the turbine size, poor soil quality and high rainfall. The turbines are some of the largest WGA has worked on, with a hub height of 137m. The site includes potentially collapsible soils, resulting in 28 of the 31 turbine locations requiring ground improvement works by a specialist contractor to provide a stable foundation. The site also receives around 2000mm of rain per year.

Other projects currently being delivered by WGA include Warradage (WA), Yandin (WA) and Biala (NSW), which are all under construction, with most foundations poured and turbines starting to be erected.