New Port Augusta Export Facility

We’re excited to announce that we are assisting Port Augusta Operations Limited to design a new iron ore export facility located on the former Port Augusta Power Station site. After developing concept design drawings, we have now been engaged for the project’s preliminary engineering phase.

The proposed tran-shipping operation will provide a cost-effective solution for regional miners to export their products in capesize bulk carriers. Current export options are typically expensive and involve multiple transport and handling modes along with smaller transport vessels.

Retained power station infrastructure such as the rail wagon unloading station will be supplemented with a series of new conveyors and bulk material storage sheds. The export process will involve front-end loader reclaiming of the stockpile and conveyer transfer to a purpose built 16,500 DWT self propelled, self-loading and self-unloading bulk carrier. The trans-shipping vessel will then travel approximately 30 nautical miles to designated anchor points in the Upper Spencer Gulf where it will discharge directly to capesize bulk carriers.

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