Polaris: Urban renewal at its finest

Our Melbourne Traffic and Transport team may appear new, but they have been collectively providing sound traffic engineering advice to clients for over two decades.  

Located in Melbourne’s ever-growing inner-north, Polaris 3083 is a leading example of urban renewal. Stretching across 26 acres, the site is a far cry from its history as one of Melbourne’s most infamous mental asylums (Lurundal). Now a hub of activity including residential, commercial and retail, the site has been an ongoing project for WGA’s Traffic Team leads, James Brownlie and Eric Kydd for more than 13 years.

Engaged by Dealcorp to assist with the development of a Traffic Engineering Assessment & Integrated Transport Plan (masterplan) in September 2008, James led the masterplan, establishing future car parking, traffic impacts and sustainable transport objectives which are still being utilised today. This led to the preparation and expert advice at VCAT, which assisted with the rezoning and joint planning application for the town centre precinct.

“There is an immense pleasure in watching a project grow and evolve – seeing it come to life from plans on paper to people living their lives in the streets” said James.

Eric has been involved with Polaris for most of his professional life. His expertise, including traffic analysis, traffic impact assessments and traffic engineering has had an immeasurable impact on the residential developments of Polaris, with traffic assessment reports for planning applications across many of the divisions of the project. His ongoing involvement in a range of work at Polaris has provided him with an intimate knowledge of the overall site, as well as its car parking and traffic intricacies.

An ongoing commitment to Polaris 3083, as well as a consistent and impeccably high standard of work has resulted in the continuation of the project at WGA and an expansion of the team’s involvement across the Melbourne office.

“We are incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to further pursue this exciting and diverse project, as well as being able to see work throughout our careers come to fruition. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Dealcorp particularly on the upcoming development of some of the prominent featured lots at the site frontage. said Eric.

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Polaris 3083: Before and After
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