VicRoads Proof Engineering Prequal


Reaffirming our expertise in delivering award winning Civil Engineering services to our clients, we have been awarded the VicRoads Proof Engineering prequalification.

Proof engineering is the process of independent review and certification of a design to ensure that it can be constructed safely and meet the specified performance requirements including durability.  

A journey spanning 9 months, the first step in the process was to demonstrate the technical experience of our team including Brett Jennings, Greg Zafiridis, James Hubbard and Edwin Tusubira. We were required to demonstrate experience across a diverse range of projects and structures, as well as materials and environments. This experience was specific to each individuals’ personal contributions to works; not simply being a member of a team achieving great work. This validated the capability to provide sound advice on the varied range of structures and projects which are undertaken by VicRoads.

The interview stage challenged and confirmed the knowledge exemplified by the team. Brett’s position as a highly-respected member of the infrastructure sector across Australia and the UK proved to be a match at interview stage, meeting the required level of skill and knowledge sought by VicRoads to ensure their Proof Engineering pre-qualification is awarded to those with the highest level of skill and competency.

This successful acquisition and prequalification status exemplifies WGA’s commitment to working collaboratively across numerous stakeholders whilst reinvesting skills and expertise across the broader WGA team. Reflecting on this challenging yet rewarding journey, WGA is delighted to collaborate with VicRoads as part of this vital Proof Engineering Prequalification. 

WGA News: VicRoads Proof Engineering Prequal Article Image
Congratulations to Brett Jennings, WGA's Technical Director who led the prequalification process
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