WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: CREATING SUSTAINABLE SHIFTS

Senior Structural Engineer Shawn Grima is the ultimate champion of “green” concrete.

Shawn first became involved with this innovative material while working with the UK’s Environment Agency (EA) on a project at Newhaven Port. The EA had set targets to reduce their embodied construction carbon by 40%, and the use of “cement free” concrete could reduce the embodied carbon of their concrete use by up to 88%.

Shawn managed a diverse range of stakeholders in his efforts to encourage the use of this new technology, including manufacturers, government agencies, consultants, and contractors.

He worked to highlight the exciting possibilities of using “green” concrete, including improved chemical resistance, embedded CO2 reductions, reinforcement requirement reductions and reduced requirements for joints while encouraging stakeholders to take on an active role in achieving their sustainability goals through the use of new technology in its infancy.

Shawn’s commitment led the EA (UK) to use cement-free concrete for the first time in a structural application.

It’s exciting to see the passion for sustainability and, our clients have access to it right here at WGA.