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Today and throughout the week, we are celebrating International Womens Day and the diversity of skillsets, expertise and passion within our business.

When we talk of gender diversity, equity and inclusivity, we won’t claim to be perfect. But we are continually engaging with our people and putting processes and actions in place for a fair and equitable future.





International Womens Day    

Gender equality is still variable across many lands around the globe. While opportunities have gradually improved in some areas, such as governance, and economic opportunities, much remains to be done.

This year the spotlight is on Cracking the Code and creating awareness of the need to provide access to education and pathways to careers in technology.

In line with this year’s theme, we are working to help crack the code by deep diving into our company culture, behaviours and initiatives to see how we can disrupt the current beliefs and systems that lead to deep-rooted inequality through innovation, access and education.

Even in the last 12 months, we have made small steps to increase women’s career opportunities and strive to ensure full and equal participation and an inclusive workplace.

So, what are we currently doing? We are: 

  • Conducting gender pay equity audits on an annual basis.
  • Running all vacant position advertisements through a gendered-language decoder to find and remove any gender bias.
  • Reviewing our flexible work, inclusion and diversity policies.
  • Promoting our Parental Leave policies.
  • Overlaying a gender bias lens on performance and talent reviews to remove unconscious bias.
  • Introducing breastfeeding rooms in our new offices and;
  • Providing staff with the ability to record their pronouns to show respect for their identity.

We are on a journey and want you to join us.