Bluestone Linear Park

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Bluestone Linear Park

Such an effort we contributed to is now open for community experience with the unveiling of the Bluestone linear park and wetland at Mt. Barker.

Bluestone Estate is a meticulously planned real estate development in the fringes of the Mount Barker hills. While the project had many important objectives that interlink the community needs of housing, local amenity, and outdoor recreation, it also paid close attention to the environmental needs of upgrading the wetland and surrounding area.

WGA Stormwater and Civil engineering experts Simon AbboudJames Barton and Joe La Spina, in collaboration with Peet Limited and the Mount Barker District Council, ensured the linear park, the wetland, and surrounding waterways are protected well from the impacts of flood and stormwater.

Making the wetland part of a linear park system provides valuable stormwater management and protection to the overall plant and animal life in the area. Accurately mapping and linking its waterways plays multiple roles, like preventing erosion, flood protection and stormwater treatment, and enhancing biodiversity and habitat opportunities for flora and fauna.

Providing the necessary infrastructure support for the wetland to thrive alongside the community is a rewarding contribution we can make in the hopes of creating places to make the world better today and for future generations to come.