A leader is an ambassador of industry technical excellence

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: A leader is an ambassador of industry technical excellence

Today we bring Joe La Spina, one such shining example that is joining the helms of WGA Senior Associateship.

Joe’s accolades as a Stormwater Engineer in the Adelaide stormwater management scene are unmatched. His expertise is sought after by many clients in delivering challenging projects.

“WGA is founded on its strong values and industry-leading technical excellence. It’s an honour to be recognised for my contributions to upholding these key values. To be a part of the senior leadership and lead by example is an important responsibility that I’m proud of. Working with a great group of people is even more fulfilling.” Joe shared.

In the spirit of a true WGA ambassador, Joe takes pride in showcasing our technical excellence in the Industry Awards. His 25 plus years of industry expertise and his contribution to innovative solutions in the environmental management of stormwater saw us bagging several Awards for Excellence.

“Representing WGA at National Awards for Excellence for our Projects and presenting at International and State Conferences are some of the best recent highlights. These forums provide an opportunity to showcase our technical excellence and approach towards environmental sustainability and see the outcomes with the positive community benefits that we create.” Joe says.

In his leadership journey, Joe hopes to guide the next generation of young Engineers to develop forward-thinking technical mindsets, with a focus on delivering surface water management with strong environmental outcomes.

Joe is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, CPEng, Member of Stormwater Industry Association of SA Committee Member of Water Sensitive South Australia and Chair of Civil Engineering Advisory Committee, University of South Australia.