We take care of healthcare

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: We take care of healthcare

A sound hospital structure considers many aspects, starting with the elevation of the land, to every service the facility will undertake, from patient care to sewage treatment. It all comes to life the moment planning begins.

Building with purpose

At WGA, we look beyond our services and closely reflect on how the unique outcomes of each structure will positively impact our clients, community, and the environment. The Sunshine Private Hospital was no exception.

Strength and stability were at the forefront of the buildable design created for this hospital project and embedded in the form of structural design elements, such as:

  • The 7-storey concrete framed structure is fortified with post-tension slabs and beams running through levels 1 – 6.
  • Suspended slabs were incorporated into the ground floor to address the challenges encountered with the quality of the soil.
  • The roof, made of steel framing and featuring cantilever façade panels that stand 4 meters high, is designed to enhance durability, environmental friendliness, and security (plus, it keeps maintenance costs low while offering a visually appealing appearance).

Designed for resilience 

Unlike regular buildings, hospitals fall under critical infrastructure with stringent design requirements to address seismic compliance.

The building utilised precast concrete walls with wet joints and stitch plates for connectivity to resist earthquake loading. Using the structural software, RAM Concept, helped to carefully model the slabs allowing for precise design of reinforcement and post-tensioning elements. Additionally, the software assessed the building’s vibration performance to meet the standards required for a hospital facility. The software paid particular attention to the vibration around sensitive areas such as patient beds and operating theatres, essential for uninterrupted patient care and conducting medical procedures.

Our ability to work tirelessly to build and maintain strong client partnerships is a key driver that fuels our success. The Sunshine Private Hospital project is one such great example where we joined hands with ConnectPM in their partnership with Australian Unity to advance the healthcare sector in Victoria.