Making classrooms for the future

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Transforming Australia’s learning spaces

Whether it’s a colossal grand stadium or the quaint walls of a school building, our commitment to bringing the best out of a built structure remains the same. It holds true for every project no matter the size, including this one – the Southern Autistic School (SAS).

SAS is one of the 82 government specialist schools in Victoria. The school plays a vital role in delivering specialised education for hundreds of children within the Autism spectrum and language deficits.

Teaming up with the creative minds at Bickerton Masters, our initial work for SAS kicked off in 2019 on the stage 1 of the school transformation to add a new two storey building structure.

WGA’s in-depth understanding of the project and strong partnerships built on delivering great results, paved way for us to play an expansive role in the next stage in 2021 – 2022, covering everything from Civil, Structural and Geotech works.

As the old building was demolished to be replaced with a new one, some elements like the foundation, received a meaningful reuse. WGA took the reins for design and documentation of the entire structure, including the underground stormwater system, internal paths, and pavements. As well as the critical stage inspections and Geotech investigation.

The reconstructed building features curved walls and timber panelling and designed to include essential management offices, main reception, and teaching areas, while also making way for a brand-new library, quite zones, kitchens with a student operated café open to the school community. The outdoor landscaping complemented the new building and contributed to the functionality of the school campus.

Image Credit: Southern Autistic School