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WGA’s unique blend of work

While babies are bundles of cuteness, parenting them comes with its own challenges unique to each family.

It’s all the more reason we are thrilled to share the opening of the Casey Early Parenting Centre (EPC) – where we provided Civil, Structural, Traffic, and Geotechnical support. This brand-new centre is among the latest EPCs being built as part of Victoria’s $148 million early parenting centre expansion and upgrade program. It aims to triple the number of EPCs in the state, supporting over 5000 additional families every year.

Consider Casey centre as a harmonious blend of safety and cheerfulness – our work on the project driven by John FitzGerald,  Chris Pay, Eric Kydd Lucie Missen , James Aloi guaranteed lots of natural light and spacious areas to bring in a sense of tranquillity and care for kids, parents and all other users alike.

“Working closely with Brand Architect, WGA designed two new single-storey, steel-framed (inpatient and front-of-house) buildings linked by an open light steel-framed walkway. All buildings were detailed to satisfy both the architectural intent and the requirements of the Victorian Health and Building Authority,” adds John FitzGerald, Principal Structural Engineer of WGA, who led the structural initiatives of this project.

That’s not all, WGA’s work on this project spanned across:

  • Civil works: Retaining walls, terraces and balconies to accommodate the site’s falls and level changes, introduction of on-site detention to mitigate stormwater discharge to pre-development levels, and staff and guest car parking design
  • Traffic works: Review of car park, site access and waste collection design; comprehensive traffic and transport assessment to support the development of the detailed design
  • Geotechnical works: Included Geotechnical advice, site investigations, and pavement redesign assistance

EPC – helping parents on parenting

Inside this thoughtfully planned Early Parenting Centre managed by Monash Health, you’ll find:

  • 10 residential family units
  • Four day stay places
  • Kitchen and dining areas
  • A range of playrooms
  • Outdoor gathering and play areas

EPCs help and guide parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers. They provide a nurturing space to develop confidence-boosting skills for parents seeking support, especially to address the complex needs and vulnerabilities that come with parenting. They cover topics such as sleep, settling, feeding, bonding/attachment, and behavioural concerns – delivered via daily services, telehealth, residential support, and home-based services.

Casey EPC may be the star of the show for now, but there’s more in store. Keep those eyes peeled for sparkling new EPCs planned to sprout up in the thriving regional towns of Ballarat, Bendigo, Casey, Hastings, Geelong, Shepparton, Whittlesea, and Wyndham.

Stay tuned!

Image Credit: Victorian Health Building Authority

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