Bede Rodeghiero

As a consulting engineer for 30 years, plus a previous 5 years as a construction manager in South Africa, Bede brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience to his role as the Senior Darwin Director.

Moving to Darwin some 20 years ago, Bede has well and truly established himself as a local who enjoys all that the Territory has to offer. He credits his early career experience as a site manager for a building contractor, as giving him a unique depth of hands-on, practical understanding of how engineering structures are built. Bede feels this knowledge has been hugely beneficial in his subsequent career as a design engineer, and regularly draws on his construction background to promote practical and economical designs. A firm believer in attention to detail, he enjoys working with builders and contractors during the design process to improve simplicity and constructability.

In addition to his general structural engineering expertise, Bede holds qualifications in risk management and has been a member of the Northern Territory Government Building Practitioners Board since 2009. This role has enabled him to make a real contribution to the broader area of risk and public safety in the construction industry.

Believing good engineering skills yields a safe, sustainable and economical structure; Bede follows the philosophy that engineers should try to avoid needlessly wasting the earth’s material resources by being intelligent and innovative in their design work. Consistent with this, he encourages new ideas and innovation on every project, no matter what the size.