Brenton Clark
WA Operations Manager

Born and bred in Western Australian, Brenton has a close affiliation with Perth and its surrounding environs. As WGA’s Perth Operations Manager, Brenton provides valuable local and regional knowledge developed through his extensive experience across a diverse range of industries including gas, mining, civil infrastructure and land development projects.

Driven by an innate curiosity for building, Brenton enjoys all aspects of his Generalist Civil Engineer role; particularly the more complex and detailed projects. Highly regarded for his in-depth management and problem-solving skills, Brenton’s expertise lies in his ability to approach each project with an acute sense of purpose, to explore all options and work through challenges. Favouring a hands-on collaborative methodology, Brenton is adept at leading his team across a broad range of engineering operations.

His vast depth of technical knowledge, managerial and commercial experience, alongside his exceptional communication skills, strong business acumen and client focused manner, ensures that each project runs to schedule, meets budget requirements and exceeds client expectations.

With an interest in automation, Brenton hopes to apply his wealth of industry knowledge to work on future projects incorporating this technology. Applied to transport infrastructure, he believes automation will lead the way in providing high tech, forward thinking engineering solutions for complex, multi-faceted projects.