Clement Ao
Associate - Senior Structural Engineer

Clement is an Associate and Senior Structural Engineer who has over 17 years’ experience, with a proficiency that spans a broad range of sectors including commercial, educational, correctional and emergency, health and aged care, accommodation and retail development, as well as warehouse and industrial construction.

Born in Macau, Clement has spent some time working in Hong Kong where he experienced the competitiveness of working in a highly populated city. Quickly learning that continuous improvement and versatility are crucial for success, Clement has diligently applied these values to his engineering career, ensuring best practice outcomes for clients.

As an integral part of the WGA team for over 13 years, Clement is responsible for the design documentation and construction supervision of various projects, ranging from commercial, industrial to residential structures. His professional interests focus on architecturally challenging commercial and public building structures, where he is able to apply his problem-solving skills to complex structural issues, focusing on accurate analytical modelling and careful planning consideration of construction logistics.

As a senior consulting engineer, Clement has worked on an exciting range of high profile, large scale projects, such as the Adelaide Airport Terminal Area Precinct, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital re-development, and multiple correctional facilities including Yatala Labour Prison, Mount Gambier Prison and the Port Augusta Prison. He cites that one of his most challenging projects was the Wakefield Street office tower, which required high level analytical skills with detailed logistic planning to overcome obstacles such as adding another 8 storey of structure to a pre-existing building. Clement’s enthusiasm, meticulous and practical approach are testament to his ability to tackle engineering challenges head on to meet and exceed client expectations.

Clement participates in industry and community groups to share his broad working knowledge and further his personal growth as an engineer. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and a member of Engineers Australia, where he offers his professional assistance. Clement is also a member of the Australian Steel Institute and the Footing Group South Australia. Clement’s ongoing contribution to the industry reflects his passion and dedication to the built environment.