Colin Rudd
Water Lead - VIC

Colin Rudd is a water resources consultant with over 30 years’ experience in civil engineering design, project planning, coordination and management, asset management, policy and strategy development and implementation in the water industry.


Colin has a wealth of experience in water-related projects relating to water supply, drainage, flood management and mitigation, wetland management, water savings, salinity mitigation works, headworks and enhancement of environmental benefits.


Project services undertaken include business case preparation, asset management, feasibility studies, options assessment, financial analysis, estimating, environmental assessment and water management plans, flood studies and management plans, strategy development, technical review, consultation, design and construction of hydraulic structures, pipelines, large storages for urban and rural-urban water supply and drainage projects.

He also has practical experience in the management of water supply and drainage systems (urban, rural, and natural), including operation and maintenance activities, works programming, budget forecasting and program implementation.