David McKay
Ports & Marine Lead - SA

David is a proficient Structural / Maritime Engineer with particular interest and proficiencies in the marine, heavy industrial and temporary works fields.

He has been involved in the design of a number of maritime projects of varying type, size and complexity, including design of the following components:

  • Anchored and cantilevered sheet pile walls
  • Suspended / piled jetty and wharf structures
  • Breakwater structures
  • Berthing analyses and design of various types of fenders systems and their support structures
  • Mooring analyses and design of associated mooring components
  • Ship-lifts and slipways
  • Navigation beacons
  • Pontoons and barges
  • Gangways and other access structures
  • Temporary works (pile guides, hammer sleeves, crane beams, platforms, lifting studies)

David has also undertaken a number of condition assessments for various marine structures and brings this experience into his design work to ensure the durable detailing is achieved to minimize long-term maintenance costs.

He aims to always work closely with the client and contractor to achieve solutions which meet the client’s needs, whilst maintaining a focus on constructability.