Giuseppe (Joe) LaSpina
Stormwater & WSUD Technical Lead

Joe is a proven industry leader in Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) with extensive and industry leading technical skills with over 25 years of experience including 15 plus years with WGA. Joe applies his skills on all scales of development from small through to major South Australian infrastructure projects.

His strong technical understanding of WSUD systems stems from experience in design and construction of these systems in all forms of development including: 

  • Major infrastructure projects
  • Commercial development and city multi-level building projects
  • Urban development
  • Single allotment and high density urban developments
  • Local Government projects including; streetscapes, town squares and people / place making projects Environmental and watercourse remediation projects
  • Civil works projects.

Joe is focussed on delivering the best sustainable outcomes with regards to the environmental management of stormwater and its integration into many forms of development and the urban landscape. His vast experience lies in all WSUD techniques, wetlands, rain gardens, watercourse remediation / restoration, source control, infiltration systems, erosion and sediment control practices, GreenStar and LEED rated projects and as well as conventional civil design practice. His Local Government experience has also facilitated skills in development assessment, strategy and policy.

Joe was awarded Professional Engineer of the year in 2015 by the Institution of Public Works Engineers Australia, IPWEA (SA Chapter) by his industry peers for his contribution to excellence in his field of expertise. Joe also serves as Chair of the Engineering Advisory Board to the University of SA, and is a Steering Committee member of Water Sensitive SA. His skill have been recognised by industry peers for producing award winning design at State and National awards for excellence