Jayne Emerson
National Operations Manager

Starting her project management career in health, Jayne quickly discovered her passion for identifying workflow issues and her innate curiosity to determine the root cause of the problem. Specialising in project and change management, and with a Masters in the Lean Six Sigma and Operations Management, Jayne brings a powerful knowledge of process improvement to her role as the National Operations Manager.

It was her work with the NHS UK that ignited her desire to acquire a deeper knowledge of how systems and processes can affect people and outcomes. Originally from the United Kingdom, Jayne moved to Australia in 2007 with the intention to explore her career across a variety of industries. Settling in Adelaide, she immediately took the opportunity to work in manufacturing, oil and gas and then on to aviation, investigating transformation project efficiencies. Reflecting on her in-depth experience, methodologies and strategies in her previous UK role, Jayne introduced new efficiency and automation systems to reduce waste and increase performance time.

Jayne is driven by her desire to effect change, to make a difference by what she does and to engage with people at all levels. She enjoys establishing the baseline, reflecting requirements, and then setting about to assist in transformation and growth. Jayne recognises the importance of transparency when implementing change and introducing new systems, and as such endeavours to work closely with all stakeholders to create a smooth, beneficial and engaging process.

Jayne’s career has presented her with opportunities to connect with a diverse range of people, allowing her to experience different cultures, work ethics and view points. She feels this has been a crucial influence in gaining comprehensive business knowledge and understanding to ensure that systems work for people rather than against them. Her innate ability to keep people engaged and help facilitate change, to have a lasting and positive impact on industry and the company, is her greatest strength. She gains a great deal of satisfaction from mentoring graduates and advising on career paths.

Moving forward, Jayne would like to further delve in to developing her commercial perspective, bringing her collective experiences together to implement positive change and performance.