Matt Crosbie
Associate - Senior Structural Engineer

With an innate talent for maths and physics, an Uncle who was a Civil Engineer and work experience on railway projects, Matthew naturally gravitated towards a career in engineering. On completing his studies Matthew enjoyed a short stint in the United Kingdom working for the Network Rail as part of a project management team. This early career opportunity provided him with a critical insight in to large-scale infrastructure and appreciation of acute project management skills; managing construction logistics whilst maintaining an active rail line.

However, it was his interest in the seismic behavior of existing buildings and large-scale projects that influenced his specialty as a Structural Engineer. Since joining WGA, Matthew has been responsible for the structural design and construction supervision of a range of projects across industry including commercial, office, educational, retail and industrial buildings, as well as seismic assessments and upgrades of existing heritage buildings. He enjoys being challenged with innovative ideas and schemes and enjoys the strength of working on multiple projects across a range of small and large operations. Matthew has a broad experience with concrete and steel frame buildings and cites his involvement in the seismic upgrade project for 2 King William Street as one of his most challenging and energizing. Specialising in concrete design, Matthew utilises unique and economic earthquake bracing systems to improve the bending and shear capacity of buildings. He enjoys exploring technical aspects of projects, looking at multiple solutions to solve a common problem and working with different teams of people to achieve outstanding project results. Matthew is very much client focused and has built a reputation for the delivery of projects at the highest standard.

As lead designer, Matthew formed part of the design team for the O Bahn City Access Tunnel Project, working collaboratively with project stakeholders, community groups, builders and architects. It is this coming together of expertise that inspires Matthew’s work on large scales projects. He enjoys the culmination of a specialised approach, working with industry leaders from concept development through to project completion.