Rory Hinton

With a penchant for math, science and problem solving, Civil Engineering was a natural career choice for Rory. His 15+ years as a civil engineer has seen Rory travel from his childhood home in Central Queensland, to England, Townsville, Perth, Mackay and Darwin.

As an undergraduate, Rory gained experience in the UK for a period of 9 months, working for an international consultancy involved with motorway maintenance and upgrade projects.  Rory returned to Australia and upon graduation, relocated back to the UK for a period of 18 months where he worked as a site construction manager responsible for various motorway upgrade projects. This experience allowed Rory to develop an in-depth knowledge surrounding civil infrastructure and cemented his path in civil engineering. On his return to Australia, Rory gained experience as a consultant in transport infrastructure projects in Townsville.  This was followed by land development experience (subdivision and roads) in Perth, before heading back to Mackay to continue with civil infrastructure consulting. Clearly at home in the warmer climate, Rory has now settled in the Northern Territory enjoying his role as Director of the WGA Darwin office.

Rory’s collective experience has enabled him to gain extensive technical knowledge, with practical hands on application across a broad range of fields including geotechnical investigation and reporting, pavement design, and contract administration. Having previously worked on large scope major government and private projects, Rory has returned to the fundamental principals of engineering and with his intuition and diverse skill set has become a well-rounded generalist engineer.

Rory mentors engineering graduates sharing his knowledge and expertise where possible. He recognises the importance of exchanging skills and experiences to give himself and others, a greater understanding and depth of knowledge in the field in which they work.

As a consultant engineer Rory is driven by his desire to resolve complex problems with win/win engineering solutions. He enjoys both the challenges and rewards of working in remote communities; orchestrating logistics and fulfilling a multitude of project requirements, alongside the opportunities created when working with a relatively small team. His role in Darwin amongst a close-knit community has allowed him to witness first hand the impact of the developments he’s worked on.