Vicky Vejo
Principal Electrical Engineer

Vicky has a broad engineering background with over 24 years of professional experience in electrical and control system design, specifications, estimating, installation and commissioning. Having a natural aptitude in mathematics and a father who was a nuclear physicist, it was almost a given that Vicky would choose a career requiring an analytical and detailed approach. Her interest in electrical and control systems including HV and LV power reticulation, substation design, isolation and motor control has given Vicky the opportunity to work across numerous industries such as infrastructure, mining, water, automation and both heavy and light industry. Her progressive experience gained in working across various industries yields a comprehensive engineering knowledge.

Taking up an opportunity to work for BHP Engineering in Whyalla enabled her to gain in-depth expertise in the heavy metal mining industry and an appreciation for being able to facilitate the life cycle of a project, from commencement to completion. To further expand her engineering portfolio Vicky made the move into the automation industry, to work for a range of industries implementing state of the art technology across South Australia which provided invaluable experience with front-line engineering and commissioning.

Vicky’s unquestionable passion for big projects has been fueled by her experience working with Olympic Dam and the Pilbara Projects in Western Australia. It was these opportunities that provided her with the chance to work with industry heavy weights BHP and Rio Tinto, giving her valuable insight to the mining industry, large scale project management, industry best practices, standards and safety.

Leading with a hands-on approach Vicky enjoys working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams, and with her proven experience in design, preventive maintenance, production support, fault-finding and implementing process improvements she is an integral part of the WGA team.