Will Orille
Senior Civil Engineer

As a Senior Civil Engineer, Will has significant experience in the design, construction and project management of civil, structural and hydraulic infrastructure projects. His expertise extends across a broad range of civil engineering operations including roads, bridges, building structures, stormwater drainage, residential sub-divisional works, industrial and commercial developments.

His broad portfolio includes over 20 years spent working in the Philippines, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. He attributes this part of his career to developing a profound understanding of the demands and challenges faced when working in diverse environments and site conditions. Respected by clients and peers for his broad range of technical expertise, Will possesses an innate ability to definitively interpret project requirements and deliver commercially outstanding results.

Will holds the Rockwell Centre in the Philippines and the Northshore Development in Townsville Queensland as two flagship projects in his career thus far. The Rockwell Centre; a high-density, high end, self-contained development located in Makati City, encapsulated the essence of innovative thinking and sustainable thinking to include a modern infrastructure complete with roads, bridges, underground stormwater drainage, landscaping, electrical and telecommunication services. In addition, a four-storey shopping centre and at least thirteen office/apartment buildings 30 to 45-storeys high formed the remainder of the project. This large-scale project took in to consideration the impact on local community as well as private, local and national government interests and relations, providing Will with the opportunity to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to deliver the optimum project outcome.

Will cites The Northshore Development in Townsville Queensland as the project in which he was able to re-engage and re-familiarise himself with an Australian based large-scale operation. In much the same way as the Rockwell Centre, the Northshore project brought together innovation and sustainability to offer a holistic constructive engineering solution.

Will contributes his time to mentor Civil Engineer graduates and participates in WGA’s internal webinars and MIE Australia sponsored events.