Covered Dam Water Temperature Modelling

WGA delivered a model to quantify the increase in process dam water temperature resulting from a proposed dam cover. Using climate data and operational flows, capacities, and temperatures, the impacts of a floating dam cover on evaporation and outlet water temperatures were derived. Our integrated team of data scientists and process engineers led the project from exploratory modelling through to delivery of a water temperature and evaporation model, and ultimately a HAZID to assess the impact of temperature rises on downstream processes.

Drawing on knowledge from existing dam evaporation modelling, WGA developed a robust and interrogatable model to predict evaporation and water temperature, considering dam cover assumptions, ambient temperatures and inlet temperatures extracted from the SCADA historian.

The model was validated using measured ambient data and evaporation from the Bureau of Meteorology. Engineering drawings were used to trace downstream water users and identify potential temperature-sensitive processes that could be impacted by an increase in water temperature. Site teams were engaged to assist in determining other temperature requirements. Scenarios were then run based on ‘worst case’ ambient situations for located downstream temperature requirements.

The HAZID was completed with key site personnel and identified potential risks associated with instrumentation failure, plant capacity, and water contamination.

Our model enabled the project team to easily make risk/benefit trade-offs and identify any potential roadblocks and risks to the success of the project. The model will be continued to be used by the client to optimise water use at the site.

“I am so impressed with the excel model. Sam has made it really user friendly and gone above and beyond with the variables he has integrated, and effort made to validate with what is observed in real life.”


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