Rare Earths Metallurgical Program Management

AR3's Koppamurra project in southeast South Australia is rich in clay hosted Rare Earth's needed to meet the world's growing demand for high-strength permanent magnets used in electric vehicles, wind turbines, and other electronic goods. 

Understanding the ore's metallurgical response is critical for developing an economic flowsheet for the Koppamurra project. WGA is managing the metallurgical test work program, coordinating multiple laboratories to deliver characterisation of the ore through mineralogical studies and bench-scale extraction and beneficiation processes. 

In collaboration with AR3 and industry experts, we derive insights from the data through our collective industry expertise. This drives our capabilities to rapidly and securely consolidate test work data and distil insights for key stakeholders. We are delivering the following key services:

  • Test work program planning and direction
  • Interpretation of metallurgical, mineralogy, and minerals processing test work results, to inform flowsheet development
  • Ongoing consolidation of test work outcomes in a metallurgical report, to allow stakeholders to understand work to date rapidly
  • Delivery of key results to the AR3 board
  • Facilitation of metallurgical, minerals processing and flowsheet development workshops with laboratories
  • Sampling and analytical methods critique and alignment between laboratories,
  • Block flow diagram and mass balance development,

WGA's complementary capabilities, both upstream in exploration data management and front-end engineering through commissioning and operations, will ensure our clients are supported from the first drill hole to the first product bag.

Key Personnel

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