Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale IWMS

With one of the fastest growing communities in Australia, the Shire recognised the need to manage the increasing pressure on the region’s water supplies and infrastructure. The Integrated Water Management (IWM) Plan was delivered by WGA in three stages which involved linking the plan to existing strategies, identification of specific drivers, identification of all available water sources, demand analysis, and stakeholder consultation. WGA identified a long list of water supply opportunities (a total of 22) which included sub-surface drainage capture, surface water and reuse of treated wastewater. The long list was refined to a prioritised short list of preferred options using a multi-criteria assessment tool specifically developed by WGA in consultation with the Shire and stakeholders for the project. This tool has been developed to enable the Shire to re-visit and update their strategy over time. This project won the 2019 Australian Water Association (WA) ‘Innovating for Sustainable Water and Environmental Outcomes’ Award.


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