Tea Tree Gully WWTP + ASR

This project was implemented to reduce the Council’s reliance on mains water for irrigation of its parks and reserves. When the scheme was initially drafted, Council was using over 1 GL/a of mains water for irrigation.  WGA developed the concepts and managed the development of a sewer mining scheme consisting of two sewer mining pump stations. In addition, a wastewater treatment plant capable of treating 1.1ML per day of sewage to a standard suitable for residential reuse (log 6.5 virus reduction under the National Water Reuse Guidelines) was designed and installed to treat the effluent for reuse.  WGA was involved in the integration of Council’s ASR schemes with the wastewater system to provide an integrated reuse scheme. We also undertook the feasibility study for the development of Council’s major harvesting site at Wynn Vale dam through a media filtration plant. Approximately 22.5 kilometres of distribution ring main was installed to distribute the harvested water to various sites for municipal irrigation throughout the City of Tea Tree Gully.

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