Yandin Wind Farm

Playing a major part in Australia’s quest to increase the supply of renewable energy to our communities, Yandin Wind Farm will create enough power for approximately 200,000 households across Western Australia each year.

WGA completed the structural and civil design, including construction support for the Yandin Wind Farm. The project is a 214MW wind farm consisting of 51 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and included approximately 40 km’s of access roads.

Our Geotechnical Engineers assessed all of the site investigation tests to ensure the optimal foundation design provided by the Structural team, could be utilised at all locations.  In the end, whilst several locations needed some localised over-excavation, all sites utilised the optimal concrete foundation with a low 105 kg/m3 reinforcing rate.

The civil component involved the design of access roads, hardstand areas at each turbine, and all associated drainage requirements.  The wind farm crosses many council roads and therefore several intersection designs were also required.

Officially opened in May 2021, a total of 19 local businesses were engaged throughout this project and approximately 150 jobs were created during the construction phase.

Supporting the delivery of major wind farms nationally, WGA has spent over a decade providing civil, structural and geotechnical services to Australia’s fast-expanding renewable energy sector.  

We are proud to work on projects that support the communities in which they are built and contribute to a greener future.

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