ANZAC Station Temporary Works

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: ANZAC Station Temporary Works

The Project

Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Project is a new end-to-end rail line from Sunbury in the city’s west to Cranborne and Pakenham in the southeast, featuring twin 9km rail tunnels and five new stations. Once completed, the project will untangle the existing City Loop network so more trains can run more often across Melbourne.

One of the five stations, Anzac Station, strategically placed in the southeast, will ease pressure on the St Kilda Road and Swanston Street tram corridor, which is the busiest tram corridor in the world. Anzac Station is 300m-long and 30m-wide, located 22m directly under St Kilda Road near the intersection of Albert Road and Domain Road.

Technical Excellence

The Oculus and Circulation Roof Canopy, situated above the tram interchange, is an architectural focal point of Anzac Station, providing waiting passengers with year-round weather protection. WGA was engaged to provide temporary works design solutions for the installation of the Station’s full-span steel pedestrian bridges, primary pedestrian access steel stairs, all public lift shaft access installs, and the main Oculus and Circulation Roof Canopy itself.

WGA scope included the design and documentation of heavy lifting procedures for both the lift shafts and stairs, as well as unique bracing and support details to allow the Stilcon Group to coordinate their program to the most cost-efficient sequence.

Project outcomes

A highlight of our involvement was the design and documentation of a ground-based pre-assembly unit which allowed the contractor to undertake a prefabricated modular lift of the primary steel spline beams and glulam rafters as a single item on site.  This process mitigated on-site OH&S issues associated with alternative methods and made for substantial program savings.       

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