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The Project

Coined after the local Bunurong word for – ‘gather together’ – Berninneit (burn-eh-neet) is a purpose-built cultural and community centre in Cowes, Phillip Island.  The building is designed to showcase the region’s history and culture, and houses a range of facilities, including a theatre for cultural performances, a library, a gallery, a museum, community function rooms and offices.

Technical Solutions 

WGA’s involvement in this project focused on civil and structural engineering for the centre’s design and documentation. 

It was designed, constructed, and certified to Passivhaus Standards aligning with the Bass Coast Shire Council’s Climate Change Action Plan, making it the most environmentally significant building in the region. Framed with Glulam beams and columns, CLT floor slabs and walls, the exposed beams and columns of the library and office wing were carefully designed to meet fire safety regulations, while the Theatre wing used steel framing. The WGA team also worked with the Council’s Engineering Department to establish the specific civil criteria for the project, including the stormwater drainage requirements. This involved coordinating discharge points, planning the stormwater network, and considering on-site detention requirements

Client Focus

By incorporating a comprehensive program of community and stakeholder engagement throughout the project, we have brought the Bass Coast Shire Council’s vision to life. This project embodies the cultural and social aspirations of the community, turning them into a vibrant reality.  

Image Credit: Bass Coast Council

Key Personnel

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