Shuttle Conveyor Drive Upgrade

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Shuttle Conveyor Drive Upgrade

The Project

The original shuttle drive system on a critical underground shuttle conveyor was not suited to the harsh saline environment and was a source of constant problems. WGA redesigned the new drive system to a much more robust solution which also enabled the travel to be extended with minimal modification.

Technical Solutions

Extensive use of a 3D point cloud scan and advanced mechanical modelling software enabled the client to clearly visualise the proposed solution. We were also able to prove clearances to the existing floor and adjacent structures. The new chain drive system was not known to the client, WGA keep abreast of market developments through attendance at conferences and trade shows along with long standing relationships with key equipment suppliers so that we can offer these innovative solutions to our client.

Client Focus

Access to equipment in an underground mine requires careful planning and consideration to ensure all relevant information is obtained in a single visit. Doing this allowed requisite inductions, point cloud scanning and stakeholder engagement to be completed in a single visit saving our client significant time and effort. Our 3D modelling incorporating the point cloud enabled us to conduct remote design reviews using the model to avoid additional costly site visits.

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