Burnside Village Redevelopment

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Burnside Village, situated in Glenside, east Adelaide, is a distinguished premium shopping centre housing over 100 fashion, food, and lifestyle outlets. Managed by the Cohen Group, Burnside Village has undergone significant expansions and renovations across various stages.

Reinforcing Burnside Village as a high-end retail haven, Stage 6 redevelopment will see the addition of three levels of retail and dining options, and an undercroft carpark.


For over ten years, WGA has collaborated with the Cohen Group to provide a comprehensive suite of engineering services – civil, structural, traffic, and geotechnical. This powerful partnership fosters seamless integration of technical solutions, ensuring each project aligns perfectly with our clients’ objectives.

Stages 3 and 4:
Completed in 2011, Stage 3 involved constructing an undercroft car park, extending the external car parking deck, and adding a new building extension. With a focus on structural integrity and visual appeal, circular columns with a four-branch support strut system were utilised for the roof structure, mimicking tree structures and enhancing the sense of space.

Stage 4 included replacing the existing roof cladding with heavier glazing, necessitating extensive reinforcement of existing support elements. Civil works redirected stormwater infrastructure, integrating it into the undercroft car park structure while ensuring uninterrupted centre operations.

Stage 5:
Completed in 2019, Stage 5 refreshed the food mall and village market and addressed stormwater management concerns. Modifications to internal stormwater systems, installation of traps for pollutants, and upgrades to surface drainage were executed to mitigate flood risks during extreme weather events.

Coordination of the stormwater design was to suit the architectural layout of the new building expansion and integrated with the basement structure.

Stage 6:
Due for completion in early 2025, Stage 6 expands the northern part of the site, adding 80 retail stores and 600 new undercover car parks across two basement levels. Collaborating with LANIK, WGA designed a striking geodesic roof over the central mall constructed from structural steel and glass, echoing the aesthetic of Stage 3’s iconic ‘tree’ columns. Key to Stage 6 was integrating stormwater mitigation strategies from Stage 5, including the installation of a new water-tight culvert to manage stormwater disposal effectively.


Careful coordination and meticulous planning were the cornerstone of each project’s success. Our solution focused approach ensured smooth centre operations continued throughout construction, minimising disruption.

The complex structural features seamlessly integrate with the surrounding area, creating a premium shopping precinct. Additionally, the thoughtful water design effectively addresses flood plain concerns, demonstrating our commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. This resulted in functional and visually captivating spaces that elevate the shopping experience.

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