Database To Dashboard

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Database To Dashboard

WGA delivered a custom end-to-end database and dashboard for Australian Rare Earths (AR3). Drill program data was consolidated in a centralised cloud-based database, allowing for near real-time viewing of hole location, and geochemical trends.

Workflows for data ingestion, data transformation and data visualisation were developed and executed by the WGA team. The rapid upload of geology, pRXF and assay data enabled fast and accurate QA/QC of the database, and generation of informative dashboards to drive exploration program decision making.

Centralisation of AR3’s geological and geometallurgical results on cloud-based storage allowed for secure and easy access point to the data. Automated detection of anomalies in the data saved AR3’s team time and resources. Valuable online spatial view maps, geological and geochemistry tables, were implemented and accessible via login to a secure online dashboard, viewed on pc or mobile device with internet access. The interactive plan view map showed exploration drillholes with significant total rare earth oxides to assist the geologists in inferring potential economically feasible rare earth mineralisation.

“Australian Rare Earths has been fortunate to have secured the services of WGA’s Data Analytics team, the team have prepared for us a database incorporating a GIS interface and importantly a customisable dashboard for our use. The collation and integration of the extensive datasets we have been collecting within the database has always been rapid and seamless and the power of the interrogation of the data, as presented on the various dashboards, has been invaluable to advancing our project.”
Rick Pobjoy AR3 Technical Director


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