Downhole Geophysics

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Downhole Geophysics

WGA delivered powerful visualisations to communicate the findings of a downhole drilling geophysics. Induction data was paired with redox data to highlight roll fronts. The customized WGA approach has the potential to increase the productivity of the geology team – with rapid generation of visualisations showing complex data manipulations.

WGA delivered a set of visualisations for a client generated from a downhole geophysics data set. The cross sections and plan views produced were very valuable in the determination of roll fronts, since we were able to consolidate separate data tables including oxidation state data with the induction results from downhole logging. This approach, using custom python code, enabled more rapid and systematic geological assessment by the client, as well as a tool to easily communicate the nature of the geology to stakeholders. Thickness of sand packages, cross sections and redox heatmaps were generated from the raw dataset.

This approach will provide value to owners of geologically similar datasets, especially large sets of downhole logging where a more manual approach is inefficient or multiple datasets have been created at different points in time.

Our approach is to work closely with the client-side geology experts to ensure we deliver custom and focused result.

"WGA’s rapid turnaround of visualisations in section and plan view of multiple datasets allowed us to quickly focus in on, and prioritise, the areas of significant potential"
Principal Geologist


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