Duncans Road Interchange

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Duncans Road Interchange

 WGA is involved in Duncan’s Road Interchange for Major Roads Projects Victoria. Features include: design and delivery of new exit ramps from the Princes Freeway to Duncan’s Road; two new bridges over the Princes Freeway; provision of two lanes in each direction; adding two new ramps for the Princes Freeway at Duncan’s Road with an entrance for Geelong-bound traffic and an exit for traffic coming from Geelong; improving the intersection of K Road and Duncan’s Road; and new walking and cycling paths along Duncan’s Road and safe road crossing areas. The project forms part of the Western Roads Upgrade which will deliver freeway access improvements in the Werribee region.

Our role on this project has involved the development of the detailed design, providing key engineering input on Civil and Structural disciplines. WGA is delivering the on and off structure barriers, anti-throw screens, noise walls, and providing Construction Phase Services for this project.  This project has benefited from our intimate knowledge of the relevant Austroads Guidelines, VicRoads Supplements and Australian Standards relating to a structure and interchange of this size and nature.

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