Forecasting Impurity Deportment

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Forecasting Impurity Deportment

The Project

Impurities in process solutions were creating a risk of negatively impacting product quality for a copper producer. In collaboration with site personnel, WGA developed a model based on the latest operational data to demonstrate the impact of operational decisions on deportment.

Technical Solutions

The model has been further updated to include new impurity removal processes, so that the operators can understand impurity removal plant utilisation, reagent consumptions, and the impacts on the production quality for the five year forecast.

The outputs of this model are used to drive onsite decision making.

Client Outcomes

WGA collaborated with our client to take a data driven approach to addressing impurities and scaling in process solutions to improve product quality.

Working together with our integrated team of process engineers and the client site personnel experts, we provided a practical and smart solution to a complex problem.


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