Forecasting Impurity Distribution

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Forecasting Impurity Distribution

The Project

Due to increasing uranium grade in ore, our client’s business is assessing an option to divide concentrate into two streams: one for uranium leaching and one for direct sale. However, monthly forecasts are not detailed enough to determine stream allocation.

Technical Solutions

WGA developed a model to predict uranium grade distribution in monthly copper concentrate production. The model predicts batch distributions and calculates the monthly tonnes for each stream, based on batch uranium grades and distributions calculated from historic data. Metallurgists can input an upper bound for average monthly uranium grade, and the model calculates the required batch grade to keep the direct sale stream's average grade within the limit. The model also predicts key element grades in each stream.

Client Focus

Process plant stream throughput and concentrations can now be forecasted, driving process decision making and potential financial optimisation.

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