Hall Road Upgrade

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: MAKING A DIFFERNCE - HALL ROAD UPGRADE


WGA was selected by Major Road Projects Victoria to partner with MACA to design the eastern package of the Hall Road Upgrade.

Hall Road is an East-West corridor spanning across two municipalities in Melbourne’s outer Southeast. Our design brief was simple, and straightforward, to improve traffic flow and safety for the commuters.

Our value addition to the project came in many forms of technical expertise, including risk mitigation, cost reduction through innovative solutions and high certainty of design, and use of eco-friendly resources.


Flood modelling:  Upgrading a road on a flood plain was one of the main risks identified during the design phase. Our Team updated the costed flood mitigation solution with a higher level of certainty which enabled the builders (MACA) to plan better and reduce the processing time.

Lowered Cost: The ability of our team to optimise the Intersection layout prevented the wastage of the utilities required for relocation (protection). In addition, our focus on design efforts on critical activities allowed the project to engage early with the utility service providers. These efforts translated to a significant reduction in the construction program and cost.

Efficient Procurement: Planning the procurement process for the build phase is essential to prevent project delays due to lead times. Our expertise and collaboration with MACA and Major Road Projects Victoria  helped to achieve a higher confidence in design during the early stages that met the procurement plan with high accuracy.

Sustainability: Designing better environments is what we do. We explore every possible solution in our work to secure a better world for future generations. One such example in this project is our recommended use of sustainable recycled plastic pipes instead of concrete pipes for the drainage positioned behind kerbs.


The meticulous design brings the Hall Road/Evans Road and Hall Road/Cranbourne-Frankston Road into a single signalised intersection . Installation of new safety barriers and connecting the existing walking and cycling paths offer additional safety to pedestrians and cyclists.

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