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WGA delivered a robust data storage system, powerful visualisations for ore and ripios characterisation, and advanced modelling to support the commercial evaluation of heap leach technology. Working in collaboration with the demonstration plant site team, technical vendors and research institutes, WGA managed trenching programs and ramp down of the leach operations and integrated product purification pilot plants.

Our client executed an impressive pilot and demonstration plant program and collected a significant quantity of ore characterisation and metallurgical response data over several years. WGA supported the increased productivity of the team with delivery of a robust data storage system, which accelerated data access required for process analysis, and delivered long term data management that ensures ease of data access in the future. Over 15 million data points were consolidated from a range of data formats, including assay, flotation tests and mineralogy reports. Quality control was automated to ensure the integrity and legacy of the stored data.

WGA distilled the data to prove the testwork represented diverse mineralogies and spatial locations, in support range of future mine plans. This data was used to support optimised risk evaluation of commercial opportunity.

The key project outcomes included:

  • Robust data storage system – consolidation of more than 15 million data points
  • QA/QC comparisons for varying methodologies (mineralogy, chemical analysis, lab flotation tests)
  • A database of heap leach ore characterisation data for the use of HL process engineers and future engineers designing a commercial heap leach operation
  • Ore and ripios characterisation report including, grade, mineralogy, and physical characteristics of ore and ripios samples used in the heap leach development project.
  • High level correlations between ore characteristics and heap leach flowsheet performance
  • 3D mapping of trenching samples for metal extraction
  • Regression modelling of heap leach performance

WGA personnel worked collaboratively in the ramp down of column and crib testwork and integrated product purification pilot plants. WGA coordinated sampling campaigns and trenching, managed crib takedowns, and additional testwork for materials handling and permeability of ores.

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