Kangaroo Island Seaport

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Kangaroo Island Seaport

The Project

WGA undertook detailed design of a timber export facility at Smith Bay, off the north coast of Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The proposed facility included a 400m long jetty that would provide access to a floating wharf.

Technical Solutions

WGA designed the 400m long jetty which provided access to the floating wharf and was suitable for heavy timber log carrier vehicles. An existing barge was repurposed to act as the floating wharf at the end of the jetty.

WGA designed the barge modifications and a concrete topping slab suitable for traversal of vehicles and stormwater runoff. We also designed the bridge connecting the jetty to the floating barge, ensuring vehicles could access the wharf under all tidal conditions. WGA were also responsible for the design of Guide dolphins required to restrain the barge, and Mooring Dolphins to suit arrangements for a variety of vessels expected to berth at the floating wharf.

WGA undertook the Civil and Electrical design of the onshore component, which included log storage yards and new roads, stormwater capture and lighting and power.

Client Focus

Restraining the barge was the main challenge that the design team had to overcome. WGA engaged OMC International to provide vessel response under expected storm conditions, as input to the design of the guide dolphins.

The high level rock was also a key technical challenge, and the piles were detailed such that ground anchors could be installed to all required piles to resist significant tension forces.

The LinkSpan bridge was also a challenging design, incorporating a combination of civil, structural and mechanical engineering to design the bridge to withstand all barge movements as well as cater for all expected vehicles.

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