Scoping Study Mass Balance

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Scoping Study Mass Balance

The Project

WGA has delivered a scoping study for their client, enabling them to complete an exciting new phase of their Uranium project in South Australia.

Technical Solutions

WGA implemented a model in an Excel interface with an open-source Python code executing the complex calculations in the back end.

WGA’s integrated team of engineers and data scientists collaborated with the client’s Subject Matter Experts to develop a comprehensive mass balance model to inform capital and operating costs.

The Model can also be integrated with ISR wellfield forecasting, and capital and operating costs, to optimise revenue for the process.

Client Outcomes

This approach has many advantages over other approaches at a scoping level study.

Any user on the engineering team can execute the model without waiting for availability of licenses, and the model functions and calculations remain secure – and faster – in Python back-end script, with multiple scenarios able to be rapidly executed and compared.

The Excel interface is user friendly and familiar but has increased security due to its independence from the Excel user inputs. This ensures a single point of truth remains secure and minimises the risk of errors. A Python-based model has a higher level of automation than a traditional Excel-based model, which allows for simplified and faster forecasting estimates.

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